Raphael Dölker, Head of Digital Transformation
EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

As head of digital transformation, holistic and innovative approaches are particularly important to me. As part of many new challenges, I got to know Michael Fuhrmann and his team as very competent sparring partners, coaches and moderators. They have a strong understanding of people and organizations and manage to lead both into new dimensions again and again. In particular, I appreciate the critical analyses and tailor-made solutions. Mr. Fuhrmann and his team repeatedly demonstrate the courage to think in new forms of organization and have the necessary strategic and systemic skill to start at the right levers. The sustainability of the measures and the anchoring in practice are equally important to me and the team of Fuhrmann Leadership.

Ralf Gorniak, Head of Human Pharma, Deutschland
Boehringer Ingelheim

As part of the realignment of the Human Pharma Germany business unit, a new market management strategy and a new go-to market model were introduced. Among other things, a new organizational unit was founded, and the management team was redesigned. This management team should be quickly put in a position to successfully implement the goals of the transformation, while adequately taking into account and managing the day-to-day business. It had to learn to trust quickly, manage conflicts together, work cross-divisional, and make quick decisions. The particular challenge in this project was change communication and the question of what information can be communicated when and to whom.
The team of Fuhrmann Leadership GmbH has supported us intensively in these challenges and accompanied the transformation with corresponding change management measures. We were always able to rely that we were able to win over our employees with the proposed courageous and transparent approach in the change process. Thus, the planned projects and measures were reliably implemented. I greatly appreciate the high level of professional competence and the great commitment of the Fuhrmann consulting team.
The result is sustainable: The successful anchoring in practice was equally important to me and the team of Fuhrmann Leadership. The transformation has been successfully completed, both the new organizational unit and the management team are successfully established.
I thank Fuhrmann Leadership for its very good support.

Hermann Schmid, Team Lead Event Specialists & Supply Relationship Manager
F. Hoffmann-La Roche

Fuhrmann Leadership GmbH accompanied us in the realignment of our “Event Services” business unit. The focus was on establishing an optimal business model, selecting external event agencies and accompanying all those affected in the change.

All project goals were achieved with the help of the Fuhrmann Leadership Team and the team was always at our disposal as a sparring partner.

The planned project duration could be significantly shortened by a very effective and efficient approach.
I am pleased with the very positive result and I thank you for the very good support in the project.

Jan Radzey, Senior Vice President Group Marketing
Wilo SE

A new management team had to be established as part of a merger of two departments and thus the creation of a new marketing department with more responsibility. In creating a high-performance team that trusts itself, manages conflicts and can pull together in a targeted manner, I have come to know and appreciate Michael Fuhrmann and his team as excellent coaches. The result is sustainable, to this day all team members work and change constantly and are thus able to meet the everyday needs of a market-oriented organization.

Dr. Jörg Reichert, Head of Controlling & Risk Management
EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

A few months ago, we rolled out a systemic leadership development at EnBW with the support of Fuhrmann Leadership GmbH. So, we are laying the foundation for meeting the challenges of the future. Our goal is that the leadership teams grow together optimally across divisions as well as within the divisions and to support the business units effectively. In addition, we want to do this with the highest possible efficiency. Only in this way can we work credibly towards efficiencies in other organizational divisions according in our control function. With Fuhrmann Leadership GmbH, my division and I have a reliable and business-oriented partner for leadership issues at all management levels at our side.

Sabine Strnadl, HR „Education“
Schroff GmbH

For many years, our training-accompanying program has been successfully implemented by Fuhrmann Leadership GmbH. The trainees undergo a competence-based program on conflict management, self-management, teamwork, project management and presentation technology. Follow-up measures are repeated and deepened and their anchoring in practice is ensured. Parallel to the program, the trainees will have the opportunity to carry out a joint project in which the experience of self-efficacy and networking and cooperation among themselves is paramount. At the end of the project, a project review will take place in which the participants will give a summary of the implementation of the acquired competences in practice.

All our trainees have so far enthusiastically participated in our training-accompanying program!

Dominique Fara, Senior Manager HR Development
Wilo SE

At Wilo SE, it is our ambition, as HR Development, to optimally support the organization’s strategy with personnel development measures. This requires tailor-made development concepts that give employees and managers the opportunity to develop and grow personally for their contribution to strategy achievement. Together with Michael Fuhrmann and his team, we have launched many exciting and innovative projects in recent years. These include three different management programs in the national and international context:

  • Leadership for centrifugal teams
  • Leadership for centripetal teams and
  • Leadership for leaders who are deeply immersed in change.

In addition, there is the support in mentoring programs and individual and group coaching. So far, we have been able to work with 10 different consultants and trainers from Fuhrmann Leadership GmbH, who invariably do very good work and are reliable and competent partners. The project managers at the Fuhrmann Leadership GmbH headquarters are also very service- and solution-oriented, so that they always work together to fulfill the customer’s wishes, and everyone pulls together.