Systemic leadership organizational development

In our systemic leadership development approach, we create a continuous flow of communication between all management teams.

This results in coordinated leadership behaviour (alignment) that is geared towards a common goal. Together, leaders and their teams enhance into a cross-functional and cross-systemical leadership alliance, work on business topics and jointly train relevant leadership skills.

Interview: Systemische FĂĽhrungsorganisationsentwicklung

We encourage mutual understanding and sharpen the view of the big picture. The resulting culture of trust strengthens the teams and every single leader– whether with a direct or indirect management function.

As part of a leadership movement, leadership teams are encouraged to work together to drive change and innovation confidently and powerfully. They lose the fear of change and become agile designers and developers of the organization. The aim is to increase organizational ability and speed of change.

Our leadership development process focuses on building a guiding coalition, creating a common target vision and understanding the impact of leadership and collaboration on the implementation of the strategy.

We are making a fundamental paradigm shift in leadership development: towards holistic work with real leadership teams on their real strategic topics.

The process takes place horizontally in the leadership teams as well as vertically in the divisions. Synchronization of the developed topics across all management levels, enables strategies and decisions to be anchored throughout the organization. The increase in individual leadership effectiveness is multiplied by working with the entire leadership organization.

Team building

The basis for this is the strengthening of mutual trust and the ability to use professional and personal differences (diversity). Sciene based models and methods are used to systematically increase personal and organizational effectiveness.

Consulting – Coaching – Training

We consult you on the holistic and systematic approach to establishing cross-funkctional cooperation.
We coach your leaders to significantly increase their leadership effectiveness.
We train your employees and leaders towards a better team spirit

Cooperation within the Leadership Team

How to motivate silo-oriented managers with a tendency to egocentric personality structure to cooperate transparently and broadly.

Sparring & Monitoring

How agreed goals from management and strategy workshops are implemented and a real leadership team emerges from them.

Use of diversity and feedback

How differences in a team can generate synergies rather than conflicts and how feedback leads to a sustainable improvement of collaboration and performance.